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Website Design and Hosting 

What should I be doing during lockdown?

General Security

During lockdown there has been a massive increase in workers being hacked at home.

Make sure your router is secure and up to date.

Invest is software to avoid your PC being hacked such as Norton or McAfee.

Invest in an external storage device and cloud storage just in case your PC is hacked such as:

Storage Devices
Seagate, Samsung, Western Digital – We have used and tested all these in the past and have proved to be hard working and long lasting – Click to view best desktop storage devices for 2020

Cloud Storage
Idrive, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox – Click to view best online storage for 2020

Website Security
Ensure your website has the latest security updates. Check that your website is using the latest WordPress version. Make sure your plugins are 100% compatible with your version of WordPress.

What about my web name and hosting?

If you have bought the “web name” URL from a provider you will pay for it per year or maybe several years, this can also be done with “Hosting”or webspace.

An alternative is to buy the two with just one provider on a yearly basis.

We would always encourage our client to purchase this themselves.

Do I need to purchase my web name and hosting myself?

There are several reasons for doing this…

1) Cost – Usually cheaper to do this yourself – Brand 2 Market will walk you through this at no charge whatsoever.

2) Ownership – If you buy these yourself you have ultimate control of your website.

3) If you own your domain and hosting then you will not require release of you website by the web company/designer who built it.

Click here to see how easy it is to purchase yourself

What kind of website do I need?

There are a few types of website that are commonly available.

We would always go the WordPress route rather than any of the other. WordPress uses CMS which is far more simple to use than creating code.

What is CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System – basically you can update your own website easily without having to touch the coding behind the site.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the most commonly used and up to date CMS system available and is free to use.

Should I use a template?

For the beginner use a templates system and change it to represent your brand.

Or get a reputable designer to design the website for you and when finished you take it over.

This is our most popular service.

Why get the designer to design it?

A designer will represent your business in the best light and put all the small but important functionality into the site ready for you to just change the content when required.

We are an open, honest and ethical company, we don’t do like other companies and only allow you access to make minor changes to your website, we leave it all open to change.

What we will do though is back your site up just in case there are any slip ups along the way when you are making changes.

We offer training on CMS to all our clients.

Will I need training?

If you have never taken over a completed website or wish to start a build from scratch then we offer training to anyone who feels they need it.

This will give you peace of mind, a knowledge that we will always be there to fall back on, confidence to try different things and above all saves time.

We recommend you use our experience to help you, building a website from online videos and downloads will never replace one 2 one mentoring and coaching – available online via Zoom or Face 2 Face.

All of the following sites have or will be handed over to clients for them to look after themselves:

Holistic Therapy Ryedale

White Rose Dating


JFA Medical

Inspire Radio

Rhubarb Radio

West London Balustrade

Your EMS Partner

Graphic Design and Print

Who owns the copyright to work or designs I have paid for?

This is subject that crops up all the time.

There are various answers and arguments around this.

The safest way to ensure you own and have access toyour designs and artwork is to ask for (in writing) the copyright and artwork to be transferred to you once the final invoice for the design has been settled.

What type of designer creates logos?

A graphic designer creates a logo among other things such as brochures, leaflets infact most marketing material that is printed or used on social media a graphic designer will create.

What is a vector logo?
A vector logo is a logo that has been created in Illustrator (Illustrator is a design programme that designers use).

Sometimes you printer may ask for a vector logo or eps – why? A printer requires a vector logo because they are hi resulution – the best to print with.

Whats the difference????


Will a graphic designer create or build me a website?

Most graphic designers moved onto building websites when the web came along and became popular.

The best type of web designers have enormous experience in graphic design.

You need a designer who has a complimentary skill set in both graphic and web design to get the best looking and functioning website.

Can a designer print my business cards or leaflets for me?

Short answer yes.

A graphic designer will look at the best quality print and printer to produce your designs on.

They should point you in the right direction, offer to organise the print for you or recommend someone as they work hand in hand with printers all the time.

Or your designer should supply your artwork free of charge (once you have paid for the designs) for you to explore your own options.

Who should design my logo?

Recently I had a client who wanted their logo (which they were supplying) to be used enlarged on a banner.

When the logo was supplied it had been created by someone at Fiver.

The logo was terrible quality…

It ended up costing the client more than double the initial cost of designing the logo, Why?

The designer had used the wrong software to create the logo so we had to start from scratch and try and match the supplied design exactly whilst creating it corectly.

Result – the logo can now be enlarged so big you could use it on the side of a building.


What should I be doing during lockdown?

Now is the time to build relationships

There has never been a better time to build business relationships than now.

Tkae a look at your Social Media profiles and make sure they are all up to date. You may have been busy up to lockdown then trade dropped off.

Start planning your next 6 months marketing strategy based around networking and Social Media. Our return to normal times will be gradual now is the time to plan.

As we are all unsure about when things will return to normal also plan your marketing strategy to cover when we do return so you are ready to hit the road running.

Social Media
Put together your campaigns using graphics not just words, graphics have been proven to be better at influencing than words and have longer impact.

Create some videos around helping and supporting your clients.

Reach out and support fellow businesses where you can.

Offer your knowledge and experience and share.

Develop user groups and showcase your business through Facebook and LinkedIn.

Look at your brand
Does your brand need a little TLC, have you neglected it over the last few years.

When we come out lockdown the market place may be more competitive than ever.

Make sure you are ready to compete, look at what you offer that no one elso does. It may be as simpe as follow up calls and a six monthly get together.

Your brand is not just your logo, it is your whole business from core values through to a smile.

Back in the day when you first set up business you were enthusiastic and full of energy – bring back that same go get attitude and you will out shine the competition.

What kind of marketing do I require?

Marketing comes in lots of different shapes and sizes. It’s all down to your business needs.

Never buy out of the box solutions as your business is individualto you.

Look at your business and chat over with the experts about what you need to do and how to go about it. We will caht to anyone with no obligation to help with their business.

Can I do my own marketing?

As the digital age has become a massive part of our lives it has opened up opportunities that were not available around marketing even 5 years ago.

The majority of our clients actually perform their own marketing taks. We provide them with the tools to market themselves.

Do I have the skills to market myself?

With the tools available online and with the help and guidance of your chosen marketing provider there is no reason at all not to take advantage of all te free tools out there.

It’s not complicated and will save you a fortune in employing  Social Media “experts” on a rolling contract.

Just remember the key is a fantastic marketing strategy.

Do I need to use all social media types for my business or are there others ways to market myself?

There are many ways to market yourself.

Every business is different, you need to make sure you are talking to the correct audience and getting the right message across whatever channel you use.

Your chosen audience maybe through a networking group, you may be best on a stage and engaging to a live audience or even one 2 one.

Each environment is diffrent and each desrves ist own marketing collateral. Ensure whicheverone you choose you are prepared.

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